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Bet you haven’t spent much time pondering the health of your sperm. Most guys don’t. We just think it’s a given that they are perfect in every way…Sadly, this isn’t true.

The choices you make every day effect your sperm and may effect your fertility. In fact, sperm health problems account for approximately 75% of all male fertility problems.

So if you want to avoid this and do something about your sperm health now, keep reading. This short guide will show you how to improve sperm count, sperm quality and fertility fitness. Consider it bootcamp for your sperm.

Better care = better sperm

There are a whole range of things you can do to better care for your sperm, or increase its quality and quantity ready for becoming a sperm donor or starting a family of your own. Below we have noted down some big and important steps you should take first.

As a general rule, if you think or know that you have a low sperm count you should visit a doctor to determine the cause of the decreased sperm. Having a low sperm count or quality does not mean that one will not be able to father a child. It simply means that adjustments in one’s lifestyle or habits should be done to improve the life of sperm cells — which are actions necessary to ensure success in procreation.

6 steps to getting healthier sperm

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  1. Steer clear of STIs (sexually transmitted infections)
  2. Watch the heat
  3. Remember, winners don’t do drugs
  4. Cut back on the alcohol & quit smoking
  5. Stay healthy & exercise
  6. Avoid stress & remember that age IS a factor. Yes, men do have a biological clock too!

Find the facts behind the myths & legends…

Donating sperm isn't as complicated or messy as you may have thought. Actually it's pretty straight forward and amazingly rewarding...


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